We are a strategic consultancy for scaling startups, mid-sized companies, and established brands in the Food, Beverage, Beauty & Cannabis industries.

Our mission is to help future-focused brand leaders unlock the paths to expanded reach, revenue, and growth.
We're right for you if you're a forward-looking leader seeking to "future-proof" your business for sustainable performance and growth, regardless of size, go-to-market approach, or longevity.

Together, we'll use insight, data, and instinct to envision the future and create the roadmap to make that vision happen.


Insight: We always start by learning, looking in at the data and dynamics of your business, and outward to the broader marketplace. Curiosity fuels us as we dig for those big "aha's" --insights we can exploit for differentiation and advantage while delivering on the critical jobs to be done for the Top Dog, your consumer. When we need to fill in gaps or learn more, we find efficient ways to do it and pull in external expertise as needed.

Innovation: We believe good ideas come from anywhere and improve with collaboration. We believe an organization's culture and mindset set the tone for innovation to thrive. We define innovation broadly, from product & package to channel, message, and context. We value the process but believe it should be set up to flex and fit with your goals, stakeholder needs, and risk profile.

Impact: We don’t want to create a lofty strategy, then leave you hanging! We'll collaborate with your team to ensure they're set up for executional success, with a roadmap to guide them, in a sequence that makes sense for your capabilities and resources, so you can implement.


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“Elizabeth brings a unique combination of Big Brand professionalism + a scrappy and humble attitude. She truly invests in her clients, projects, and relationships, regardless of size or scale.”


Cannabis Industry Startup

“Elizabeth is skilled at weaving a strong narrative that's easy to digest, synthesizing disparate information with clarity and simplicity."

Vice President


“Elizabeth isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to get to deeper, richer insight into the consumer and market. Her work confirmed our decision to enter a new market and set the foundation for our launch of a new brand.”

Senior Brand Manager

Learning Resources

"…A Strategist, challenger, driver and so much more. I loved working with Elizabeth!"


Quaker Foods

'"Elizabeth is a razor sharp business mind, and also unfailingly caring and kind. I would definitely recommend her to prospective clients."

Kelly Simmers

former VP Maven Relations, MavenIndex