Our I-3 Service Offerings

Based on 25 years of diverse experience in marketing and innovation leadership roles, we focus on the below areas of expertise.

We leverage a wide network of subject matter experts and partners expertise to deliver on individual client goals and needs.


While each engagement is tailored to individual client needs, our holistic, collaborative approach combines strategic and analytical discipline with external focus, a challenger mindset, and an iterative, test & learn philosophy.


 We look to the consumer and the market to learn, then layer on the right tools to go deeper. Curiosity propels our quest for those unexpected "aha's" and openings or  gaps your brand can uniquely exploit for differentiation and advantage. We research efficiently and bring in expert partners where needed.


We believe good ideas come from anywhere, and get better with collaboration. We believe innovation goes beyond a product to package, channel, message, and context. We believe different types of innovation can do many jobs within a category or portfolio.  We believe "Innovation" truly starts with culture and mindset. We use an iterative process that balances discipline with flexibility, and tailor it to your goals, culture, investment and risk profile.


We don’t want to create some lofty strategy then leave you hanging! We'll collaborate with your team to  ensure you’re set up for success, developing an actionable roadmap that aligns brand and organizational capabilities with the right sequencing of initiatives, so you can actually execute the strategies we've built.

Consumer & Market Insights

  • Trend Mining & Integration
  • Consumer Target Segmentation
  • Immersion & Exploratory Research
  • Concept & Product Validation
  • Business Analysis

Brand Strategy

  • Vision, Purpose, Positioning & Architecture
  • Portfolio Strategy & Segmentation
  • Competitive Mapping & Analysis
  • New Category & Adjacency Assessment


  • White Space & Platform Identification
  • Pipeline Fill: Structured Ideation & Concept Writing
  • Process & Success Metrics
  • Technical + Consumer Innovation Roadmaps

Commercial Strategy

  • Insight based Selling Story Creation
  • Merchandising and Assortment Strategy
  • Channel and Go to market Strategy
  • Omnichannel Messaging Strategy
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Below, find some examples of our work by Area of Expertise

  • All
  • Blog
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Consumer Insights & Custom Research
  • Innovation Pipeline Fill
  • Innovation Process & Execution
  • Innovation Process Discipline
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Market / Competitive Assessment
  • Market Intelligence & Trend Mining

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 In addition to these areas, we leverage a network of deeply experienced partners and subject matter experts to augment our services with the expertise needed to deliver on your business needs.

“Elizabeth was integral to the strategic development and expansion of my beauty brands. Her thought leadership and partnership were critical to elevate my team’s thinking, tapping into her portfolio mindset and breadth of experience.” 

Stacey Ramstedt

VP Marketing, Church & Dwight

"Elizabeth is excellent at identifying and articulating the macro trends, and bringing relevant, commercially successful beauty products to life with product development teams. She is a strategic thinker who dives into the market research to extract the “golden nuggets.” 

Jennifer Bayon

VP, Licensing & Retail Partnerships, Solesence

"Elizabeth knows Innovation inside and out. She sees where the consumer landscape is going, building frameworks that show the whys below the surface and the path forward, convincing others to jump on board, then going through the steps to validate and make ideas a reality."

Karin Silk

CMO, Q'Doba