Who We Are

Elizabeth Cohen is a brand strategist, trend junkie, innovation expert, and dot connector. With over 2 decades in Brand Marketing, Strategy and Innovation leadership roles at big CPG and high growth PE-owned companies, her superpower is the ability to distill diverse data and inputs into a forward-looking strategy to keep your brand(s) on the path to sustainable growth.

We work with midsized and legacy consumer brands in the Food, Beverage, Beauty & wellness sectors. Our Insight-Innovate-Impact approach helps us quickly assess and hone in where you need the most support.

How We Work with Clients

We're Curious. We balance multi-sourced, data-based insight with entrepreneurial instinct to Connect the Dots.

We're Collaborative throughout the process. You know your business best, and we'll leverage your team's expertise. We always start by immersing in the fundamentals of your brand and business.

We know Innovation. It can play many roles, and we'll help determine what's needed for your business based on where you've been, where you are, and where you want to be.

We look beyond product and package for opportunities to innovate in design, messaging, channels, and more.

In bringing ideas to market, we value process but believe it should flex to fit your goals, resources, and risk profile.

Since Execution is Everything, we won't leave you hanging when the rubber meets the road.

We'll help you tell the right story to get all your stakeholders on the same page.

If your team needs executional support beyond our areas of expertise, we'll bring the right partners to help.

Our Passion

We're passionate about Health & Wellness in all its forms. We keep a strong pulse on this ever-evolving trend with universal relevance across product and service categories. We’ll work together to identify the implications and opportunities for your brand.

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"Our team was challenged to evaluate a new market opportunity and build a brand from the ground up. Given limited resources, time, and expertise, EMC Strategy, LLC stepped in to provide needed support. Elizabeth isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, and her work resulted in a deeper understanding of the new market, and rich consumer insights, which she led the team to parlay into a differentiated brand positioning. The analysis helped confirm our decision to enter this new market and created the foundation for a new brand and product line to be launched later this year. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Elizabeth’s help! On top of these results and impact, Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with — I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Darci Shaw

Senior Marketing Manager, Learning Resources Inc.

“Elizabeth was integral to the strategic development and expansion of my beauty brands. Her thought leadership and partnership were critical to elevate my team’s thinking, tapping into her portfolio mindset and breadth of experience.”

Stacey Ramstedt

VP Marketing, Church & Dwight

Elizabeth has a great ability to verbally communicate more complex project/business situations and is able to present the information well across disciplines and levels.

Beth Cassiday

Chief Beauty Officer, PPI Beauty