Cannabis Industry Ancillary Product Startup


“Elizabeth is a compassionate and generous partner who invests in her clients, projects, and relationships, regardless of size or scale.”

—Founder, Cannabis Ancillary Tools Startup


Ancillary Consumption Tools Startup


Business Challenge:

Fledgling female-founded company seeking to launch a highly innovative new brand and product collection to solve pain points in cannabis usage occasion and to normalize usage via familiar, modern design. Enlisted EMC Strategy for innovation, product design and voice of consumer expertise.


What we Delivered:

Provided comprehensive guidance through concept & product development stages to ensure a viable launch from key aspects of Consumer Desirability, Technical Feasibility and Financial Viability: - Leveraged primary and secondary research to identify relevant attitude and usage insights, drivers, and barriers to inform proposition - Developed and validated concept and key features/benefits, articulated target consumer segments, and refined brand strategy - Leveraged expertise from other durables categories to inform product design and sourcing approach - Led design selection research among two consumer segments - Guided sourcing and development efforts with overseas manufacturing partner



After progressing development through 3D design, identifying/onboarding manufacturing partner, and delivering financial model with proof of profitability potential, transitioned development leadership to founders, who are poised to go to market in 2023.